Exiles Cutting Weekend!

2nd and 3rd July 2022


This is being hosted by The Company of Exiles. This is the Exiles historical sub-group that also does public displays. This event, however is private for Exiles members only.

The main attraction for the weekend will be sharp cutting (and bashing) with a variety of weapons.

The weekend will consist of:

  • Training at Master Battle
  • Revision for Gradings
  • Playing with Armour
  • Cutting with sharp daggers, sword and pole arms.
  • Have a go with medieval kit
  • A lot of socialising

On both days we will start at 10am and go through the weapons and how they are used within Master Battle (the main fight). Posta, colpi, volta, application, etc. This is 90%+ of any fight and ties directly into cutting to see both how they are employed and the results.

On day 1 we will focus on unarmoured. This consists of an introduction to the weapons, it's use, etc. followed by their application at Master Battle and then sharp cutting and practical with real weapons. This will cover dagger, 1h swords, 2h swords

On day 2 we will focus armoured and pole weapons. Again there will be an introduction to the weapons and kit followed by their application at Master Battle and then sharp cutting/bashing with real weapons. This will cover armour (including being able to wear it), Spear and Poleaxe. There will also be half-swording with blunts.

If would like to take part in Grading Revision then please let us know in advance, otherwise we might not have a slot or instructor available. Email secretary@the-exiles.org.uk

The cost for the weekend is £35.00 and if you haven't paid yet then you can do so via PayPal or by Bank Transfer:

Account Name = The Exiles
Sort Code = 20-26-34
Account Code = 00213047

Trinity Farm
Awsworth Lane
NG16 2RZ

There is a train station 10 minutes away.

Friday arrival from 5pm

Sunday departure by 4pm

We start 10am Saturday and Sunday

There is on-site parking

Weapons and Equipment

You may bring your own sharps if you wish. It will be up to the instructors to decide if they are suitable to be used for cutting. If you do not wish others to use any weapons that you bring, then it is up to you to ensure that. Anything placed with the weapons for cutting will be fair game to use.

Non Fiore period weapons may be brought, however our focus will be on using the sharp versions of weapons which we train to use.

Safety briefings will be given at the start of the day and before cutting. Attendance of these are mandatory if you wish to cut.

You should also bring your own normal training weapons - swords and rondels - as well as masks, gloves, etc. Basically whatever you'd normally take to training. If you normally borrow equipment, then please make arrangements in advance with your instructor as they may not be attending or bringing spare class kit.

If you have your own armour then you are welcome to bring that along as well. There isn't any need to have any medieval soft-kit, but you can bring that if you wish.

Bottles for cutting

Bring bottles to cut. That is, plastic milk or pop bottles. Also bring bin bags for cut bottles and be prepared to take rubbish away at the end of the weekend.


On site camping is available free of charge. This is a farm though, not a camp site, so the facilities are limited.

  • There will be porta-loos available
  • A cold water supply
  • There may be access to power, but this might not be available
  • Ideally bring something to heat water for drinks and washing
  • Bring a bowl for washing
  • A shower is also available in a caravan that is being provided


We are allowed to bring fire pits, please bring firewood as well and ensure that it is raised sufficiently off of the ground so as to avoid burning the grass.

Food, Water and Cooking

  • Trinity Farm has a Tea Room which sells a variety of food choices, including vegan and vegetarian. It is open 10am to 5pm daily.
  • Ilkeston is less than 2 miles away and has a Tesco's, KFC, Fish & Chips, etc.

If you wish to cook on site you can. Camping stoves and BBQs can be used. If disposable ones ensure that they are well off of the ground. The little wire legs that some come with are not suitable for that. Bring bricks to raise it up or you may be able to place it on a firepit if it has a grill.

Bring you own drinking water or buy from the farm shop. There is a standing tap to fill bottles for cutting, but we think that is NOT drinking water.

Trinity Farm will provided the following food pre-ordered

  • Breakfast - Bap with two fillings from Sausage, Egg, Bacon and Tomatoes or Vegetarian options (TBC) @ £5.95 and 75p for each extra filling
  • Lunch - Homemade Soup and Bread @ £3.00
  • Lunch - Sandwich (Ham & Salad or Ham & Cheese) or Vegetarian Pate and Crisps (Ready Salted or Salt & Vinegar) @ £4.50
  • Dinner - Cottage Pie or Vegetarian Pie @ £6.50 Standard or £10.00 Large

This is pre-order only, we will let you know if pre-payment is required. Please let Mel know directly by Monday 27th June if you want to order any food via ladonna@the-exiles.org.uk

Check List

  • Drinking Water
  • Normal Training Kit and Weapons, pre-arrange any borrowed kit
  • Plastic Bottles for Cutting
  • Bin Bags
  • Let us know if you want Grading Revision time
  • Armour if you have it and want to bring it
  • Sharps if you have them and want to bring them
  • Off-ground cooking stoves/BBQ if you want to heat food or water
  • Pre-order food if wanted by 27th June.